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Custom Aquariums And Aquatic Supplies

Rift 2 Reef Aquatics specializes in building custom aquariums and filling them with beautiful exotic fish. We have a variety of freshwater and saltwater fish for you to choose from. Customize your own aquarium with Rift 2 Reef.

From customization to delivery, we have all the supplies you need and more.

Custom Aquarium Design

If you have been dreaming of a personalized aquarium full of your favorite fish, you have come to the right place. We build aquariums customized to your exact specifications and can help you design your own aquarium.

Our aquarium designers work with you through every step. We come out to measure the space and meet you to discuss the shape, size, and features you want to be included. After we measure the area, we will reach out to you with a quote and the design process begins. The design process starts with a sketch and then we finalize the design with a 3D model.

Aquatic Supplies

Rift 2 Reef is a boutique aquarium shop. We have supplies that are not easily found at standard pet stores, and we offer delivery services for food and cleaning services. We keep frozen fish food in stock, this is much more nutritious for your fish than the dry flakes. We have special cleaning supplies for aquariums as well. Cleaning your aquarium can be a delicate task and it is essential to make sure you have the proper supplies for the task.


We have a centrally located warehouse that we keep stocked with specialty fish food, water, and other supplies that are high in demand. Since the warehouse is centrally located, we are able to make deliveries right to your aquarium. We deliver all kinds of aquarium supplies such as water, frozen fish food, and cleaning supplies.We want to make sure your aquarium is well taken care of, we go above and beyond to do more than just install your dream aquarium, we want to keep it well maintained after the initial installation.

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Build Color Into Your Life

Rift 2 Reef has everything you need to bring life into your dream aquarium setup. From customizable options to your choice of fish, we can help you with installation and maintenance. We have all the accessories you need to give your fish the most comfortable habitat possible. Build your dream aquarium with Rift 2 Reef. Have questions? Please send us a message below, or call our shop at 972-317-2341 for a personalized service quote.

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