Tank Maintenance in Highland Park: Give Your Aquarium the Attention It Deserves

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If you need tank maintenance, there’s no need to look further than Rift 2 Reef Aquatics. We offer comprehensive services for your aquarium in Highland Park, Texas, and surrounding areas. We have the skillset and equipment to keep your tank in top shape year-round. Give our team a call or send us a message to schedule an appointment with us. You’ll get top-notch service and the proper care for your fish when you team up with us.

Our Tank Maintenance Services in Highland Park, Texas

Our tank maintenance services are just one of the many services that we provide. One of the first things we will do during a regularly scheduled maintenance check is test the water. We will also test our own water before replacing the water in the aquarium to prevent sending your fish into shock. Some of the things we will check include pH level, carbonate hardness, nitrite, and nitrate.

Our team will also clean the aquarium walls and water filters. We will vacuum the aquarium gravel, replace the necessary accessory components, and inspect all of the parts that keep your aquarium intact.

Why You Should Choose Rift 2 Reef

Our team’s mission is to provide beautiful, healthy, and interesting aquariums to your home or office. Whether you just need maintenance, or you want an entire aquarium installed, we have you covered. We can even customize the aquarium to suit your needs and fit the vision you have in mind.

We offer care for both saltwater and freshwater fish. It’s a lot different than taking care of furry animals, but it’s just as rewarding. We offer supply delivery services as well, so you never have to leave your home or office to pick up supplies or fish food.

How Often Do You Need Tank Maintenance?

Fish tanks need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. For a large, established tank, Rift 2 Reef recommends getting your tank cleaned on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Getting the water changed out will keep the tank clean and the fish happy. 

Water changes are important because they control the level of toxins in the water. Although a fish’s waste might not be smelly enough to affect you, the waste releases ammonia when it rots which can cause a variety of health problems for your fish. 

Get Reliable Tank Maintenace in Highland Park, Texas

If you need tank maintenance, get in touch with Rift 2 Reef Aquatics. We are your reliable resource in Highland Park, Texas, and surrounding cities. We care about your fish as much as you do, and we offer comprehensive services to help keep your aquarium in top shape. We understand that life gets in the way and sometimes you don’t have the time to provide attention to your fish tank. That’s why you should leave that to us! We dedicate our careers to caring for aquariums and we would love to maintain yours!

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