furry friend or tropical fish aquarium

Furry Friend Or Tropical Fish Aquarium

Dogs and cats are the most popular pets, with fish being the 3rd most popular. A tropical fish aquarium makes a beautiful addition to any home or office space. Most people get an overall sense of calm over them when looking into a fish tank.

While dogs and cats are the current number 1 pet option, fish and reptiles are on the rise. The average pet owner does not have as much time to spend walking the dog, and with travel options becoming more open, many people want to travel.

It is a bit more challenging to travel when you have a dog to consider, you have to find someone to care for it, pack up their favorite treats and toys, make sure they are groomed, and more. With a tropical fish aquarium, it is a little easier to take a weekend trip and ask your neighbor to stop in to feed the fish.

The Breakdown

We love dogs and cats, but we can’t deny that they require more maintenance than say a fish. Furry friends require regular grooming, bathing, nail clipping, etc. and fish require none. Fish self-clean themselves as they are constantly in water. 

Dogs are significantly more expensive than a tropical fish aquarium. A new puppy will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in initial medical exams, spay or neuter surgery, obedience school, and puppy supplies like collars (because they will grow out of the first one), crates, beds, food, treats, and toys. All that doesn’t even include the price of the puppy itself.

The initial fish setup costs significantly less. Your initial cost is comprised of the aquarium, fish food, the chemicals for proper ph levels, decorations for the aquarium, and the fish themselves. These initial costs are the main expenses you will have to consider. Not to mention, fish won’t rapidly outgrow their collars or destroy their toys. 

Our furry friends will need yearly checkups for overall health and dentistry too. Dentists for humans can be expensive, and the same is true for dogs. Save yourself the trouble of making a trip to the doggie dentist with a fish. One of the greatest parts about fish is since they have no teeth, they have no need for dental work. 

Speaking of dental work, dogs have smelly, smelly, breath. Even if you give them dental chews, brush their teeth, and take them to the dentist, their breath will still smell. Much like how you don’t have to take your fish to the dentist, they don’t suffer from smelly breath like their competitor, the dog.

Have you ever seen a fish shed? Neither have we. 

Now that we evaluated the cost, let’s break down the time. Dogs have to be walked every day, and as far as pets go, they are very needy creatures. They want all your constant love and attention, and while we love them for that, we don’t have the time to give them that time, as many others also don’t have the time. 

Dogs require obedience training, and not only does this cost a lot of money but it is also very time-consuming. Fish require no training, and they will understand if you stay out a little later than usual on a Friday night.

The Verdict: Tropical Fish Aquarium

We love dogs, but we love fish more. Fish are one of the cleanest and classiest pets you can own. They bring an aura of peace and calm into your home, and it is exactly the type of low-maintenance companion you need in your life.

Call Rift 2 Reef today for your aquarium consultation. They have aquarium designs you can choose from or you can customize one for yourself. 

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