The Cube Medium Sump


Eshopps CUBE MEDIUM Refugium Sump, Patent Pending

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Product Description:

The NEW Cube Medium features innovative design with dual water channels for superior aquarium filtration. It features two separate water channels; one channel sends water to the refugium section while the second channel sends water to the protein skimmer chamber. This unique design enables water to travel through each compartment separately after entering the sump for better water contact time and better nutrient exportation.

The advantage of better water contact time through the water channels is the undissolved organic waste can be removed more efficiently by the protein skimmer, while having a completely separate refugium channel that allows macro-algae to aid in the removal of ammonia, nitrates, phosphates and other unwanted nutrients that cause algae blooms and more.


Eshopps Channel Design (ECD, Patent Pending)-Dual Water Channel
First Channel: Refugium Compartment
Second Channel: Skimmer Compartment
Quiet Operation
1 Rectangular Micron Bag
Dual intakes
1 for safety purposes

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