Algae Pellets

New Era

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New Era Algae Pellets have been carefully prepared from the same formula as the Herbivore Flakes and incorporate five different algae to provide a well balanced diet for captive herbivorous marine species.

Our in depth knowledge of dietary requirements, natural ingredients and preservatives has enabled us to produce these superior pellets which are suitable for all types of herbivorous tropical marine fish, especially Tangs and Angelfish, providing a balanced source of protein.


  • Water quality improved by low leaching formula, which 'locks in' nutrients until consumed.
  • Healthy weight and vibrancy by using only high quality proteins and natural ingredients.
  • Highly palatable.
  • Perfect for auto feeders.
  • Complete balanced diet for herbivorous coral reef species
  • Soft Malleable texture
  • Ideal for Creating Grazing Stations
  • 5 Species of Marine Algae
  • 5% Crustacean
  • Rich Source of Vitamins and Natural Pigments