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We are a full-service fish store. Whether you need saltwater or freshwater fish supplies, we have a wide selection of items you can choose from to give your fish what they need. Whether your aquarium needs a new set of decorations, or if you are looking for a specific food, we have it all in our fish store.

If you are just getting started with your aquariums, you can talk to one of our aquarium specialists about the type of tank and other supplies you need. We can design a custom aquarium for your home or your office. If you need help with maintenance on your current aquarium, we have a wide range of services that will help you, including our home maintenance and delivery options. 

Custom Aquarium Installation

We have experienced aquarium technicians and builders, so no matter what type of aquarium tank you are looking for, we can set you up with the perfect solution. Our aquarium designers will talk to you about what you are envisioning, and then they will measure the area where you want to put it, making sure it is a perfect fit. 

Our aquarium designers can design an aquarium to suit the needs of whatever type of aquatic animal you would like to fill it with. We specialize in three different types of aquarium design, framed, rimless, and amphibious aquariums. Framed aquariums are very traditional, a great choice for an office or storefront design. Rimless aquariums have beveled edges that make a seamless and smooth aesthetic. Amphibious aquarium designs are unique in the fact that you also have to consider the above-water land features for your water and land-loving creature. 

Talk with our custom aquarium designer for your personalized aquarium needs, our fish store has all you could need.

Aquarium Maintenance

We know how difficult it is to make time for regular aquarium maintenance in your busy schedule, but we also know how important it is for fish health to keep your aquarium clean. 

If you struggle to maintain a routine maintenance schedule, we can help with our aquarium maintenance services. We can come to your home or office, wherever your aquarium is, and perform regular water testing and more. We check the pH level, carbonate hardness, nitrite, and nitrate to make sure they are all within the proper parameters. 

After we check the water, we will clean the rest of the aquarium. We can set up a regular aquarium cleaning schedule for you, whether you need weekly, biweekly or monthly cleaning visits. With this service, all you have to do is make sure the equipment is functioning properly at all times for the health of the fish.

Aquarium Supply Delivery

Just as it is difficult to establish a regular cleaning routine, it is difficult to make time to go to the store for fish food and other supplies. We can deliver everything you need right where you need it. We offer same-day delivery as long as you call to order it before 10 am, and if your order is over $99, we offer free delivery as long as it is within 20 miles of Highland Village. If you need more water for your aquarium, we can deliver the purified water you need for your tank.

Call Rift 2 Reef For All Your Aquarium Needs

We are a full-service fish store for all your aquarium needs. We want to provide you with the most beautiful aquarium possible, and we want to help you keep it beautiful and clean. Whether you need supplies or an extra hand to keep it clean, we have it all. Visit our fish store in Highland Village for anything your aquarium needs. Call our store today to replenish your fish supplies or schedule a maintenance appointment.

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