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There are many factors to consider when thinking about installing a freshwater aquarium in your home. Before you get to the fun part of selecting which fish you want to take home, there are many things you will need to gather in preparation for your freshwater aquarium. While an aquarium full of fish is less maintenance than a puppy, you need to gather your supplies before bringing an aquarium or a new puppy home.

Gather all the freshwater aquarium supplies you need with Rift 2 Reef. While we don’t have puppies, we do have all the items you need for a well-rounded starter kit for your freshwater aquarium.

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Get The Essentials With Rift 2 Reef

Rift 2 Reef has everything you need for your freshwater aquarium. First, you need the aquarium itself. When selecting an aquarium, remember to measure the space where you will be setting it up. This will determine what size and shape tank you will need. Rift 2 Reef has customizable aquarium options, so whether you want something specific and high-end, or if you are simply having a hard time finding the size of tank you need, we can help you get the perfect fit.

Next, you will need a display stand. Display stands for aquariums are built to support the weight of the aquarium, something your average nightstand or bookshelf won’t be able to support. Water weighs a little over 8 pounds per gallon, so you need to consider how many gallons your aquarium will hold to help you determine what type of aquarium stand you will need. A 15-gallon tank is by no means huge, but it will probably weigh around 120 pounds still. Keep this math in mind when choosing your aquarium and the stand.

Now you will need a lid, light, filtration system, heater or chiller, thermometer, substrate, and fishnet. These are tools to help you keep the freshwater aquarium’s environment clean and habitable for fish to live in. You will need a lid to make sure your fish don’t jump out and to make sure no dust or other foreign objects fall into the water. Lights typically come with a lid, but if your lid doesn’t have one, you will need to invest in a light. A filtration system is absolutely necessary, it keeps the fish healthy by making sure the water stays clean. The type of filtration system you will need depends on the size of your freshwater aquarium.

Regulating the temperature of your aquarium is necessary to keep your fish alive and well. You can fill your freshwater aquarium with cold-water fish or tropical fish, but not a combination of both. If you have cold-water fish you will need a chiller to keep your aquarium below 68 degrees and you will need to heat your tank to above 75 degrees for tropical freshwater fish. Your home thermostat is likely not set to the temperature that your fish need, so either way you will need a heater or chiller. Even if you think you like your home temperature to be the same as your aquarium, your aquarium needs temperature stability, especially since there are other factors, such as sunlight, that may heat the water too much.

Finally, you will also need substrate and a fishnet. Substrate is the gravel-like material at the bottom of your freshwater aquarium. You will need 1 pound of substrate per gallon of water in your aquarium, and make sure you clean it before dumping it into your aquarium. You can choose any fishnet, just make sure it is big enough to safely catch your fish, and that the handle is long enough that you don’t have to dip your hand in the fish water to catch them.

Maintenance And Cleaning

To make sure the water is safe for your fish to live in, you will need water conditioner, test kits, a siphon, an algae scrubber, and a water bucket. Water conditioner removes and neutralizes chlorine, ammonia, and metals found in tap water. A testing kit is needed to make sure that the chlorine, ammonia, nitrite, and pH are at minimal levels. Testing kits can help you determine if you need to take action to get the water at a safe level for your fish. 

A siphon is a tool to help keep your gravel substrate clean, and an algae scrubber will help you keep your freshwater aquarium clean and free of algae. Make sure you get a water bucket specifically for handling your aquarium’s water. Any other buck used for general household needs may have residue that can harm or kill your fish.

Customize Your Freshwater Aquarium With Rift 2 Reef

Call Rift 2 Reef at (972) 317-2341 for all your freshwater aquarium needs. We can customize an aquarium for your specific needs, and we have all the basic needs for your first aquarium, along with all the proper maintenance supplies you need. Contact us to get started with your own custom aquarium. We have all the supplies you need, plus great aquarium decorations that your fish will love.

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