Saltwater Aquarium

Saltwater aquariums require much more maintenance and are more delicate than freshwater aquariums. It will be more expensive to maintain, not to mention a saltwater aquarium will require much more attention. Not to worry, with the help of Rift 2 Reef Aquarium you will have no problem caring for your saltwater aquarium. We have all the supplies you need, and we can pay house visits for saltwater aquarium care if you need help.

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Getting Started

Before you shop for your favorite saltwater fish, there is a lot of preparation needed. With this all-encompassing list of necessities, your saltwater aquarium will be ready to home your fish soon. First, choose your aquarium. Measure the space you plan on keeping it to make sure you get the right fit. While looking for a tank, look at aquarium stands. You will need a sturdy stand to support the weight of the saltwater aquarium. Water weighs a little over 8 pounds per gallon, so factor that in while you are making your selections.

Fish in a saltwater aquarium need very specific items to survive, such as live rocks. For your saltwater aquarium, you will need proper lighting, a filtration system, a powerhead, a live rock, substrate, sea salt mix, a hydrometer, a heater, a test kit, and supplements.

Proper lighting will not only help your fish adapt to their surroundings but it will also show off their beautiful colors. Saltwater fish are known for their bright colors and beautiful markings, and the right lighting will emphasize them perfectly.  

A filtration system is a must. Your saltwater fish need a clean environment and a filter is the easiest way to keep it clean and free of debris. To make the environment as realistic as possible you will need a powerhead. A powerhead will help provide water circulation and oxygenation to your saltwater aquarium. 

Substrate and live rock also enhance the atmosphere of your saltwater aquarium. A live rock or two is needed to give shelter to your fish. In their natural habitat, they have many nooks and hiding spots behind rocks that shelter them. As saltwater fish are very territorial, they need these hiding spots to shelter themselves from potentially aggressive tank-mates.

One of the most important factors in a saltwater aquarium is the sea salt mix. There is a very delicate balance needed for the water to be able to keep the fish healthy. You will also need a heater, as the fish are used to a warmer climate than your home might be. 

The last but most important things you need are test kits and supplements. Test kits will help you make sure that the balance of saltwater is right, and to make sure there isn’t any chlorine and other harmful chemicals in the water. You’ll need supplements such as calcium to maintain your fish and their habitat too.

Ongoing Maintenance

There are a few more things you need for ongoing maintenance. You will need tools to clean the tank such as an algae scrubber, a bucket for your tank water, a siphon for cleaning substrate, and it is always a good idea to keep a few spare equipment replacement parts on hand.

If you need help maintaining or cleaning your saltwater aquarium, Rift 2 Reef has delivery and home visit services for saltwater aquarium owners. We can deliver nutritious fish food, or visit to clean and maintain your aquarium.

Set Up Your Saltwater Aquarium

Set up your saltwater aquarium with help from Rift 2 Reef. we have everything you need, from the aquarium to the most beautiful fish. If you can’t find the aquarium size or shape you want, we can customize and build your aquarium just how you envisioned it. Build your dream saltwater aquarium with help from Rift 2 Reef.

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