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We know you love your fish and want to do everything in your power to keep them healthy. We also know that life gets busy and when you work five days a week or more, have a family, or travel– it can be tough to get into any pet store during their operating hours. That’s why Rift 2 Reef now delivers supplies. We want to make aquarium maintenance easy so you can just focus on the fun and beauty of your fish rather than stressing out about when you’ll have time to make a supply run. Generally, we deliver water and frozen food to our clientele, but we can also bring along accessories and decorations from the store if you call ahead and let us know. We can even ship decorations, fish, and accessories to you!

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Rift 2 Reef Aquatics Delivery

We offer free local delivery on orders over $99 within 20 miles of Highland Village. Local orders under $99 can still be delivered for a fee of $9.99. Rift 2 Reef delivers supplies from 1 pm-6 pm Monday through Friday. 

Our delivery team will text you at the number you provide during checkout, notifying you when your package is out for delivery. If you need same-day delivery, please complete your order by noon so we can collect your items and ensure a speedy delivery. For same-day delivery on warehouse items, you will need to order by 10 am. If you’re unsure if we carry the product you’re looking for in-store, please give us a call. Any one of our aquatics associates would be happy to check our inventory or order it from our aquatic supply warehouse in Arlington, Texas. 

We can deliver any aquatic supply you can think of and we can even ship new fish right to your door. Although our typical monthly delivery requests are for water and frozen fish food.

Frozen Fish Food

New fish owners may think that fish food flakes or pellets are good enough for their pets. However, Rift 2 Reef Aquatics recommends that you use frozen fish food for maximum health benefits. 

Frozen food is great because it provides nutrients to all of the sea creatures in your aquarium. It keeps fish, coral, and other underwater invertebrates healthy for the long haul. Rift 2 Reef’s frozen fish food is one of the best ways to sustain your sea creatures because it preserves more proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals than your run-of-the-mill dry or freeze-dried fish food. Before long you’ll see how vibrant and energetic your fish look swimming around their aquarium. 

The Best Water For Your Aquarium

As you discover quickly when you own fish, water quality is one of the most important factors to consider when maintaining a healthy aquatic environment. Rift 2 Reef carries special purified water that is free of the toxins found in tap water and won’t upset your aquarium’s pH balance. 

Rift 2 Reef– Fish Supplies Delivered Around Dallas-Fort Worth

With our boutique fish and aquarium store in Highland Village and a warehouse with more than 10 million dollars located centrally in Arlington– Rift 2 Reef has the resources to deliver any aquarium supplies you need right to your doorstep. When you shop with us, choices abound. 

Pay for a year upfront and get massive savings on aquarium maintenance or order each month and enjoy the convenience of fish, fish food, fish water, and aquarium supplies being delivered right to you. Contact us today to learn more about our unique aquatic supply delivery services. 

Looking to take things a bit further? Just ask us about our aquarium cleaning services and how we can help make the experience of owning a fish a total breeze. 

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