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If you own an aquarium in a home or business in Carrollton, Texas, and don’t have the time or skills to clean it yourself, get in touch with Rift 2 Reef Aquarium today! Our crew has many years of experience in aquarium cleaning, and you can rest assured that your fish and coral will be in great hands. Maintaining an aquarium is a lot more work than it appears. The water needs to be kept at a specific pH level in order to keep the fish and plants healthy and alive.

The aquarium needs to be cleaned regularly. If you skip cleaning dates, it can take 6 to 8 months to restore everything to how it should be. When you have a team like us by your side, your aquarium will always be in top shape!

Testing the Water

Monitoring the pH levels will dramatically improve the growth, behavior, and overall appearance of the aquarium and the living organisms within it. The ideal water chemistry varies between aquariums, but it essentially reduces the stress on your fish and aquarium life. It also helps them resist disease. Our experts at Rift 2 Reef Aquarium have your back. We have the tools and expertise to regularly monitor the pH levels and keep your fish healthy!

How Often Should You Clean Your Aquarium?

The amount of cleaning depends on the amount of fish you have, as well as the size of the tank. However, a typical timeframe is once every two weeks or once a month. It’s neither practical nor healthy to clean every surface in the aquarium every day. The tank does need beneficial bacteria to function properly. It’s also important to stagger which areas you clean as well. Our goal is to cause as little disturbance as possible for the aquatic life. Our crew will keep track of which areas need to be cleaned during our regular visits.

Aquarium Cleaning Checklist

Water testing should be performed monthly to ensure the levels are correct. Aside from the pH levels, our team will also test ammonia, carbonate hardness, nitrite, and nitrate. We will test the water before we change it out, as well as test the water we are about to put in. This will prevent your fish from going into shock.

Take a look at other components of our aquarium cleaning checklist that should be done on a weekly and monthly basis:

  • Shake debris off of plants
  • Scrape inside glass
  • Clean outdoor glass
  • Trim live plants as needed
  • Change filter media

Additionally, we can do other periodic maintenance services such as:

  • Replace light bulbs
  • Clean filter intake
  • Fertilize plants
  • Inspect and clean tubing

If you own an aquarium in Carrollton, Texas, or any surrounding city, Rift 2 Reef Aquarium has you covered. 

Additional Aquarium Services in Carrollton, Texas

Rift 2 Reef Aquarium also offers custom aquarium installation and supply delivery. If you have an ideal aquarium in mind, we will help turn your vision into reality. We will design the aquarium, install it, and help you maintain it for years to come. And if you need water, food, decorations, or other supplies, we will deliver them to your doorstep.

Rift 2 Reef Aquarium in Carrollton, Texas

Let’s make your aquarium spotless with the help of our cleaning experts. We will take care of all of the dirty work, keeping your fish happy and your aquatic life flourishing! Get in touch with us today to get started!

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