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Meet the founder: Dane Myers

“Everything we do starts with an aquarium.”Rift 2 Reef owner Dane Myers has been working with fish since he was just 13 years old. Of course, he was too young to be hired legitimately at the time, so he just enjoyed his time working with the fish and earning store credit. By the time he was 15, he was finally added to the payroll and was already acting as a store manager.

Dane has loved fish to the point of obsession since he was a kid. When he was small, his dad had aquariums, and he was ecstatic to get a couple for Christmas when he was 11 or 12. From there, he made up his mind to learn everything he could about fish and aquariums. Shortly after, Dane moved from Connecticut to Lousiana with his family. Fortunately for Dane (and unfortunately for his local library), he accidentally took his fish books with him and read them for the entire 27-hour drive. He loved every bit of it and remembered everything he learned.  

Fast forward to 2007, Dane opened his very own fish store– Rift 2 Reef. Nearly 15 years later and the company is still going strong. Now, Rift 2 Reef sells custom aquariums to people all over the DFW metroplex and ships its beautiful fish around the world. Dane is a semi-professional fisher and even launched the Crappie Fishing Fools community group to bring fish and fishing lovers together.  

Rift 2 Reef is a passion project turned success and Dane is grateful to have made a career out of something he’s loved his whole life. He’s excited to introduce more people in Dallas-Fort Worth to his passion too, and encourage people to never stop pursuing the hobbies they loved as children. Rift 2 Reef hopes to install more aquariums at schools and in public spaces in the future for all to admire. 

Our Process

When we get a call from someone asking about a custom aquarium, we’ll send out an aquarium specialist to measure the area and discuss your ideas. Within 24 hours after the assessment, we can send you a quote for a standard-size aquarium. Once we’re done answering all of your questions and agree on a rate, it’s time for the exciting part. 

After sketching out your aquarium, Rift 2 Reef will use 3D modeling and render your custom aquarium using lasers. In 4-6 weeks, you can expect to have a beautiful new aquarium and some new fish too! 

If you have any special considerations just let us know. Rift 2 Reef will assist you every step of the way. Our team is capable of completing large-scale commercial aquariums, working with subcontractors to knock out walls, and accommodating unique theme recommendations. 

Dedication to Education

Rift 2 Reef is passionate about teaching families and business owners about caring for saltwater and freshwater fish. As fish hobbyists and experts ourselves, we consider it our privilege to pass on our love for the ocean and its creatures to those who are just starting out on their journey. For us, fish are friends and entertainment for anyone that sees them. They’re the perfect addition to any room whether that’s your living room, office, restaurant, or anywhere else. Our fish are a great way to liven up any area, and once you buy one you’ll be hooked. 

Life under the sea

Rift 2 Reef carries all manner of ocean creatures. We sell freshwater and saltwater fish in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Most of our fish come from Florida and California, but we also have amazing tropical fish from Indonesia, Australia, and Africa. But we don’t stop there. We also carry turtles, frogs, and live coral. Aside from selling these amazing creatures, we also sell all of the things you need to help them live a long and healthy life.Want to know more? Just ask us about our fish food, aquarium water, aquarium decorations, and frozen food!

No stress aquarium maintenance

While we take extra care to educate people about the fish they’re buying, expenses, and time commitments– we can also manage all of your fish and aquarium maintenance needs. That way you get a clean tank and healthy, happy fish that live longer. Protect your pets and your investment with monthly preventive maintenance. We’ll take care of everything from regular aquarium cleanings to food and water delivery. Just tell us about your concerns and we’ll tell you how we can help. 

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